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  • Reliable and Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Test all sizes and shapes
  • Good for any form of diamonds rough diamonds as well as polished diamonds
  • Tests studded jewellery
  • Cost effective
  • Test in lots ( save times and energy to test each single stone)

Computer Requirement

  • Branded CPU
  • 500 GB HDD Capacity
  • Intel (R) Core ( TM) 2 DUO CPU
  • 17” LCD Screen


  • L x W x H : 300mm x 256mm x 506mm
  • Weight : 10 Kgs. ( Aprox.)

Operating Details

  • Power Supply : 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A


What is the purpose of D-Secure?
The sole purpose of the D-secure is to uphold consumer confidence in the natural diamonds. Most of the diamonds or diamond jewellery purchases are for emotional occasions like wedding, engagement, anniversary or birthday etc. Consumer should know what they are buying. Synthetic diamond may have its own space in the jewellery segment but mixing or undisclosed synthetic diamonds with natural is something like playing with someone’s emotional value and definitely it deteriorate consumer confidence. This concern was shared with us by many players in the fraternity, being a part of industry we have taken as a challenge and result is here.
Why D-Secure?
Most of the identification tools or instruments available in the market are either very costly or limited to some sizes, shapes, speed, accuracy or the instrument’s availability to specific clientele. Mostly instruments are only limited to identify TYPE- IIa which required further testing in Lab. It requires lots of time and energy to make sure that what they have purchased is full proof. After years of research of these perennial issues, we consolidate the solution in one single instrument – D-Secure.
What size of diamonds it detects?
D-secure is maiden instrument which detects all sizes from 0.003Cts (+0000 Sieve size) to 10 Cts of colorless or near to colorless diamonds, moreover, detection of bigger than 10cts is also possible with some mechanical add-ons.
What diamond shape it detects?
Any shape is detectable, for small (bellow +11) fancy shapes it need replaceable attachment.
Is it good for jewellery too?
Yes, it detects synthetic diamonds in the studded jewellery unless studded diamond must be visible and well exposed.
Is it type IIa identification, does further identification required?
D-secure directly detects whether diamonds are Synthetics (HPHT as well as CVD) within all colorless or near colorless diamonds, it doesn’t required further testing. Result on the spot.
Is it good for rough diamonds also?
Yes, it scans rough diamonds too.
What is the speed?
Currently, it scans a lot of diamonds in 50 second.
What do you mean by Lot?
The instrument has 3 Inch of diameter area to scan the diamonds. So you can put as much as diamonds on that area of whatever size you wanted to scan. One should make sure that diamond must not be overlapped.
How to operate?
Operation of this instrument is made very simple, automatic and easily understandable without any technical knowledge. The operator needs to go through operation manual before operating. To test, make sure about choosing right size tools, colorless or next to colorless diamonds must be properly cleaned/boiled and it should not overlap one another, that’s it.
If I have lot of 100 Cts of -2 how much time it will take?
We have testing and sampling parameters for all sizes which will be available with instrument. As per our research, 5% of the lots that means 5 Cts of your 100 Cts will be good enough to make sure that your purchase is free from synthetics but we strongly encourage testing as much as you can.
Can we have demonstration?
The first Demo will be available at September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem fair 2015, at Booth # 7N02 Asia World Expo. Regular demo at our Surat office will be made available in early October 2015.
How to purchase this instrument?
You can place order on We will soon publish our distributors’ addresses on website.
What is warrantee?
We have standard 1 year warrantee.
Do you entertain any distributor or agent?
We welcome all inquiry; inquiry from Trade Associations will also be solicited. Distribution arrangement is solely at management discretion.

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